Getting ready for your yoga class can be an extremely personal ritual that some yogis follow very carefully. You may do the same things leading up to your practice each time, whether that means breathing exercises or eating a light snack. These activities can help to ground you and prepare you for the practice ahead. However, a beginner yogi may have some difficulty in coming up with a routine that gets him/her ready for their first few yoga classes.

Are you struggling to know what to do before you walk through the doors of your local yoga studio? We thought you might welcome these suggestions to help get you started.

Eat a Snack Before You Go to Class

Many yogis find that they are ravenous as their practice comes to a close. The hunger and stomach rumbling can be a distraction for you and the other yogis in the class. One of the best ways to prepare for the class is to nourish your body well in advance. Eat a small snack that provides plenty of protein and carbohydrates before you leave to go to the yoga studio. This gives it time to digest before you start moving into a vigorous practice.

Don’t Drink Too Much Water or Coffee

If you’re heading to a hot yoga class, you may be tempted to try to hydrate your body before you walk through the door. This is a rookie mistake because all of the water in your stomach can make you sick. Try to limit the amount of liquid you drink before you go to a class. However, you should be certain to keep a bottle of water or coconut water with you for afterward.

Take a Few Moments to Check In With the Body

You should never move deeply into your yoga practice without taking time to check in with your body. Take a few minutes when you first arrive to sit quietly on your mat. Focus on your breathing or move through a few basic stretches like the cat pose or the cow pose. This allows you to feel the various parts of the body to see what they feel capable of handling during your practice.

Connect With the Breath

Moving with the breath is an essential aspect of your yoga practice. Before the instructor starts to move through the beginning sequences, you should take a moment to link your body and your breath. Sit through a few rounds of deep belly breathing to really tap into your pranayama. This is also a great time and place to set an intention for your daily practice.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

You’re going to need enough room to move through the basic motions of your practice. Be certain that you have the space you need and move your mat away from classmates if necessary. This allows you to use your full range of motion and to move as deeply into a pose as you are physically capable of.

Preparing for your yoga practice can be a time of great connection for your mind, body, and spirit. Allow this time to nourish you and prime you for the yoga practice that lies ahead.

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