Yoga is a powerful way to heal the mind and body together. The sole focus of yoga is to provide peace and calm to the soul and induce a stress-free lifestyle.

There are three aspects of yoga:

  1. asanas (exercise)
  2. pranayama (breathing)
  3. meditation

These three are grouped together to form the basis of all yoga and help strengthen the mind and the body.

Breathing is one thing without which we cannot survive, and many of us are not aware of it, but breathing has a profound connection between the mind and the body. It helps ease our minds and keep our body functioning healthily. In Pranayama, the person learns to take control of the breathing. Through pranayama, a person can consciously learn to control the breath and elongate or shorten it at their own will. Meditation, on the other hand, focuses on de-stressing the body. It is a relaxation technique. When meditation and pranayama are combined, the person can experience a physiological de-stressing of the body.

Some of the most common benefits that can be enjoyed by an individual through proper deep breathing are:

  • The person is likely to face reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Longer and deeper breaths help in maintaining lower blood pressures. This also reduces the risks of strokes and sudden paralysis.
  • When a person breathes deeply, the oxygen supply in the blood increases and the person feels more refreshed. The fresh intake of oxygen also makes a person feel energized.
  • Increased oxygen supply also makes the muscles stronger and more strengthened.
  • Deeper breaths allow the body to de-stress itself and release toxins that might otherwise be causing stress or anxiety related situations.

How Pranayama and Meditation Can Heal the Body?

Whenever a body is stressed or anxious the defense mechanism of the body kicks in. There is a sudden burst of energy and the blood pressure rises. This causes the person to breathe from the chest rather than breathing deeply from the lungs. This shallow breathing causes shortness of breath, which is a common and one of the initial symptoms that occur in any stressed person.

In such stressed situations, your body is in the state of anxiety. Using the combined method of breathing deeply and meditation, an individual may quickly reverse the symptoms. This will help in lowering the blood pressure and calming the nervous system. The role oxygen plays in allowing the body to de-stress is the key here. Deep breathing allows filtration of oxygen into the system which ultimately calms the body down.

Forms of Breathing

  • Belly Breathe: This is where the person breathes from within the body allowing the lungs to expand fully. This makes the body flush up with oxygen.
  • Nostril Breathing: In this breathing technique, a finger should be placed on the right nostril, and a deep breath should be taken; once the height of inhaling has been reached, the left nostril should now be closed, and the right nostril should be used for exhaling. This helps freshen the mind.

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